Materials and technologies


Is lining material made of two-component polymeric fibers, adapting to permanent movement. The lining is very abrasion-resistant and well-removing moisture from a foot that keep dry.

CLING 2000

The quality of climbing compound is for climbing as important as the quality compound of car tyre. Every rubber compound has to find the best compromise between friction and lifetime. Friction in such a material depends not only on the mechanical unevenness of the surface but also on the temperature and especially the adhesion of the molecules of the individual materials. The force here interacts both on the surface of the plate (rock) and the rubber compound. The Cling Rubber offers an optimal ratio of the necessary features for sports climbing at all levels.


It is a light technical fabric (100% polyamide (nylon) with durable PU coating and water-repellent Teflon adjustment) with high strength and flexibility that is easy to maintain and resistant to abrasion and tearing. It Uses for jackets, backpacks and shoes.


It is a multi-zone lining system that removes moisture from the foot. The layer closest to the skin is made of 100% hydrophilic nylon fiber that keeps feet dry and comfortable.


Ethylene vinyl acetate (also known as EVA) is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The weight percent of vinyl acetate is usually between 10 and 40%, the remainder being ethylene. It is a polymer that approaches the elastomers in softness and elasticity but can be processed as other thermoplastics. This material has good brightness and gloss, low temperature toughness, stress crack resistance, adhesive waterproof properties and UV resistance. This material is commonly used in the manufacture of sports equipment. In footwear it is usually used as a shock absorber for sports shoes.


Cow split leather is a lower layer of skin with a rough surface similar to suede, used for the production of climbing shoes and outdoor sports shoes.


Material with a high proportion of elastic fibers, which retains its properties for a long lifetime. Thanks to the inside insulation it has very good thermo isolation properties, excellent breathability and is very pleasant to the touch.


Three-layer weatherproof material. It has excellent elastic properties and the ability to store heat.

NUBUK – hydrophobic

Nubuk is similar to suede. Its difference is that the suede is made from the inside of cattle skin, while the Nubuk is made from the outside of the skin, giving it more strength and thickness along with a fine texture. Both leathers are made so, that the tanned leather is brushed or polished in production so that the resultant surface is not smooth but roughening finely hirsute. It is pleasant to the touch and wear-out-resistant. Due to the rugged surface texture it is prone to contamination. For proper maintenance, the base is a rubber brush that removes dirt and dirt from the surface of the skin, while roughening the surface. After cleaning, it is advisable to impregnate Nubuk with a special formulation (eg Nikwax or some of the Tegu VUKO preparations).


High strength synthetic fiber, abrasion-resistant, in a wide range of colors with high durability. After heat treatment, it has good transverse strength.


The high strength synthetic fiber with the highest heat resistance compared to others, resistant to acids and alkalis, is not subject to photodegradation, has excellent abrasion resistance, after heat treatment has good transverse strength.


High strength, low-density, water-resistant synthetic fiber. It has very good chemical and mechanical resistance.


Non-woven, breathable, breathable lining that is easy to maintain and has durability and durability.


Using microfibre technology, this material offers a gentle look with natural leather with a higher level of durability, breathability and comfort.


Intermediate material of different thickness used for climbing shoes, determining their hardness.


High-quality climbing mix of Italian manufacturer with excellent adhesion, used in top class climbers.


The thermoregulating membrane with high elasticity, wind and water resistance, durability and breathability offers maximum comfort in all sports activities.