These sandals are intended for broken topography or earth roads. They were tested for many expeditions. Most part of them can be used in humid environment and some of them are directly recommended for water sports usage.

Health shoes

For these sandals were used materials that passed tests and fulfil conditions for medical supplies. At the same time their midsole were developed in cooperation with orthopaedic shoes specialists.

Leisure time

Sandals of this category prefer comfort in the first place. In their construction is for their characteristics used natural leather and it is upon the place call attentions that are not primary recommended for humid environment.

Sandals are generally specified as walking shoes. It is trend to use them most part of the year. Even if this type of shoe is not directly intend for mountaineering it is often used in these conditions. Is necessary to have certain experience for this usage and they could not be generally substitute for trekking shoes.
Sandals produced our company try to offer the high product qualities as are quality, comfort, utility, longevity etc. In the case of development and testing our sandals we cooperate with many travellers and tourists. The shoes are tested in different conditions all over the world – from sand beaches through desert, mountains upon tropical rain forests.
Not all users will use them this way nor all models are determinate for such extreme conditions.
Before selection a given model it is useful to have at least an imagination about its usage, therefore we severed our sandals into three fundamental groups.