To beginners and improvers, we offer the universal series of shoes. Who is thrilled by rocky climbing or for indoor training, he can choose a comfortable shoe using lacing or Velcro system. Here a practical experience starts.


Technical shoes of this category allow various usages for sport climbing. Different types of closure systems, padded tongue and practical construction give you the best you need to develop your climbing skills.


These kinds of shoes are primary determined for the most difficult climbing. Closure system selection, two pull straps to put on and take off, a perfect construction gives you really unique experience and sensitivity for climbing on the smallest holds.

Climbing shoes are integral part of mountain equipment for outdoor climbing or indoor training. They have specific qualities and demand for their usage, whereby are unlike common sport and other shoes.
At their concept and consequently production, we take heed to the best level of their product manufacture qualities. We collaborate with many top level climbers during their development and testing. They simultaneously test shoes during climbing at various areas and conditions.
Before choosing a shoe, it is necessary to have an idea for what purpose and type of climbing it will be use. Other model is intended for beginners, another one for advanced climbers, predominantly indoor training etc.