How care about climbing shoes

As far as you picked out well fitted shoes means that your feet feel comfortable and shoes themselves serves their purpose. If you want this feeling live at longest, take into consideration these advices how to improve function and extend the longevity.


Climbing shoes are consumer goods. Each using contributes to their detritions. Professionals can wear out their shoes in couple of weeks while time to time climbers last much longer. To extend longevity is necessary to care of them, beware of rough handling and resole them in time.


Dirty climbing shoes do not like soap, chemicals and washing machine. Tepid water and a medium hard brush are the right tools. Dirty sole will be frictional again when use clout with alcohol. Soft brushing from toes to heel can improve roughness, but wear down rubber, so be careful. If your shoes are wet it should be slowly dried before storage. Fill them up with newspapers and lie or hang them on where there is good ventilate place. Direct heat or fire is too rough and can caused damage of shoes.


In using climbing shoes use can not avoid this simple fact – leather absorbs sweat. If ventilation is not the right solution you can get rid of germs by freeze them together with bicarbonate or other disinfections. Disinfections are the best help, but after their application leather can slightly harden. When nothing helps there is one saying – a real climber is recognisable by his smell.


Give your shoes similar conditions to store wine: cool, dry, dust-free environment and dark space. Direct solar light and heat damage material. Useful place for stocking is dry cellar.