How choose climbing shoes

The golden rule for good shoe is – it has to fit. What does it means for a climbing shoe? It is useless to carefully choose a shoe if the size is not right. If the shoe is too wide then it will twist, shoe too tight is painful and you don’t want to wear it again. Not right choosing the shoe, wrong size or purpose can negatively influence both climbing performance and the longevity.

Trying on

For the reason climbing shoes are handmade and each pair is original, we recommend you try them on in sport shop. Take into consideration following points:

  • leave yourself advice by authorized staff in shop
  • try both shoes
  • each model has a different shape, if doesn’t fit one try on another
  • genuine leather stretches after use, buy the shoe tighter and later it will fit perfectly
  • artificial leather and leather with an inner lining stretches less
  • if you trying shoes on in the morning, don’t forget that your feet get bigger during a day

Measuring shoe size

Put a piece of paper on the floor against the wall; stand on it with your heel against the wall. Put a book against the biggest toe and draw a mark with a thin pen. Foot length will be compared to the shoe size table.


Beginners, pleasure climbers and children should buy same size as their normal shoes. Performance is compromised, but the shoe is not necessary to be worn on in first and will not be painful.


For all-round using you should not pick out really tight shoes so as you can enjoy some few routes without painful feet. Too tight shoes are not any advantage in behalf of crack climbing. Shoes with midsole have sufficient edge stability if are not wear excessively tight. For climbing oriented on the smallest of steps the shoe must be under your normal size to offer enough sensitivity.